The traditional ocean shanty «Spanish Ladies» is a classic British naviero anthem. It describes the journey coming from Spain to Downs. The song was first upon December 12, 1624, and your oldest documented mention is in the 1769 logbook of HMS Nellie. The song is definitely thought to have recently been created throughout the War of First Coalition, when the Regal Navy carried supplies to Spain to resist The french language revolution. Various sailors traveled the world with the Spanish ladies inside their boats and gathered them inside their lives.

The tune is a capstan chantey, or «song on the Navy. inch It has made an appearance in various editions in England and Canada, including inside the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia provinces. Due to the popularity of the broadside text, the song is recorded simply by Strawhead, exactly who sang this on their 1984 Classic Sound Songs album. This song is definitely sung in lots of languages. Read Spanish Gals sheet music online to learn how to enjoy the melodies.

A version of the Spanish Ladies first appeared in the logbook of the ship Nellie in 1796. spaniard woman The melody is now a fashionable parody. It has been recorded by many different writers and singers since its creation. The title Spanish Ladies is mostly a classic naval song and is also an enduring piece of English sea music. There are many plagiat of the melody. The music evokes living of Indian seafarers, especially those inside the South-Seamen category.

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